Riconoscimenti a W. D. Gann – 1° parte

img032.01122New York, October 1931 You predicted the end of this terrible condition as being October 3rd, 1931. It happened one hour later … Someone ought to tell the world about you and your knowledge over a nationwide hookup and offer them proof in form of your "Tunnel Through the Air". I am sure we would have better preparations for another October 3rd, 1931, in the future.   G.F.


New York, October 1931

Dear Friend Gann Again I must congratulate you on your marvelous predictions. I have followed your work closely for the past 23 years. I well remember that in the early part of 1909 you forecast the exact date in August when stocks would reach extreme high and came within about 1\8 of the exact high level for the Wall Street Journal railroad average. Twenty years later I saw your prediction fulfilled in September, 1929, when you said that stocks would make top and that the worst panic in history would follow, all of which has proved too true. But the most amazingly accurate long-range prediction you have over made was in your book "The Tunnel Thru the Air", which you wrote in the early part of 1927. I have watched prediction after prediction fulfilled and have been especially interested in your forecast on the stock market for October3rd, 1931. I had watched stocks go down and down as if no bottom was in sight and when last Saturday, October 3rd, stocks reached the lowest level in years, I said to myself, my friend Gann has called the turn and it's time for me to take my market basket to Wall Street and fill it with bargains. Monday, October 5th, arrived and stocks smashed to the lowest of the year. Today, at the close, I see that they are up 10 to 15 points from Monday's lowest. You missed the bottom by two days, counting Sunday. Well, that's pretty close when we consider you made the calculations 4 1\2 years ago. You have certainly demonstrated that when a man understands the practical rules and laws in the Bible, the future becomes an open book. May you live long and prosper, is my sincere wish for you.

Very truly your,        W.E.G


(Telegram) Santa Barbara, Cal. February, 1931

Vanadium yielded about $40,000.00 in two weeks. Following this telegram this same man wrote as follows: I take genuine pleasure in sending you herewith New York draft for balance due on contract. As I saidto Mr. E. this morning, "I have felt, ever since sitting at your feet, that I had obtained a full $4,000 worth of Comfortable Assurance alone, to say nothing of having had a net profit on my very first deal, alone, of just ten times that amount". Our little Santa Barbara class will all make good; it takes some a bit longer than others, but as far as I am concerned, I just KNOW that I never need have financial worry, for you have given me a key-ring full of pass-keys which will unlock profits with a certainty. I would not take all that I have paid you for just one of those little pocket charts, which will do a lot of profitable trading, all by myself.



What one satisfied user writes to a prospect: Cleveland, Ohio December, 1933

I am in receipt of your letter of the 28th in reference to Mr. W.D.Gann and his mechanical trend indicator. I have known Mr. Gann for a number of years and have followed and studied this services during this time. Some time ago, I took all the services that he offers, which was an outlay of considerable cash; however, I have found that the investment has proven most satisfactory and the cost is going to be a small item. Several of the couses were taken under his personal supervision, but I did have a lot of his work through correspondence. If you are not in position to take the services personally, I believe you can get your money's worth by correspondence. His services by correspondence are so detailed that it would be impossible for you to lose the thought he is trying to convey. Mr. Gann is a man of considerable means and one of the most brillant men I have ever contacted. He has made his entire fortune out of the market through the methods he will teach you and his market experience has been over a period of thirty years. I hope I have given you the information requested; however, if you should like for me to answer further questions, it will be a pleasure to hear from you.

Yours very truly                      W.K.G.


Portland, Oregon Apr, 1931

I have taken all the principal service, spending as high as four or five thousand dollars per year for these, and I think Mr. Gann has something that is so far in advance of anything else I have seen or worked with that there is no comparison.

W.P.H., Jr.


New Bern, N.C. August, 1937 In replay to yours of the 19th

I have known Mr. W.D.Gann for many years. I have been in his office on Wall Street, have seen him trade with his method and take the money out of the market. With it he has made a fortune in speculation. And he does not need the money he gets for his method or market service any more than Mr. Ford does for sale of cars. His method has been used me since 1927, successfully. In my opinion, it is the only one with which one can make money in the market and keep it. If you will follow his method and the rules he lays down, you will also make a success and I can assure you without it you will make a failure. This statement is made after having read every book I could find on the subject, including the lives of all the big operators of the past and subscribed to every financial paper pubblished and most of the market services.

Yours very truly                              C.K.



The 400-share lot transactions were begun on June 4, 1931, and were completed on December 28, 1932. This showed a net profit of $90,570 after deduction of $5,121 for commission and taxes. The $3,000 capital was used exclusively on the 100-share lot transactions and was withdrawn on February 27, 1931. All trading thereafter was done on accumulated profits. I hereby certify that the schedules submitted correctly indicate the profits that could have been made by this Method. Might I be allowed to place in this report my private opinion, that the Method, as you demonstrated it, is absolutely foolproof. It requires simply the original capital as provided for  by the Method, which is plainly stated in the rules, and thereafter to follow the simple instructions explicitly without any human-made deviations from the rules. If the user of this Method will only remember this one simplesuggestion of mine, there is no question nor any doubt but that it will make money for the user. It is amazing to consider what has been accomplished with so small a capital in such a short period of time by simply following mathematical rules, so easy to memorize that a grammar school boy or girl could follow them. I am making this digression in my report to you because I bought the Method in 1930 and am using it with good results myself. I have bought and examined the new and improved Method and consider it about 100% better than your Method was in 1930. You are at liberty to use this and I will be very glad to recommend the system.

Respectfull submitted S.J.M.       Certified Public Accountant


New York. N.Y. January, 1946

I knew of no one with a deeper understanding of the basic causes of trends in the stock and commodity markets than W.D.Gann and through the years have developed a high regard for his ability to successfully forecast long range movements. He is a pratical economist of the first rank. Some of his forecasts for a year ahead, have been so precisely accurate as to attract the attention of leading newspapers that have featured them in large space stories. Mr. Gann now spends a large part of his time in Florida supervising his extensive realty interests, and the business is ably conducted by John L. Gann, assisted by Miss Gilson, both of whom have had many years of training under the direction of Mr. W.D.Gann, and both of whom are thoroughly qualified in knowledge and character to advise and guide investors in stocks, bonds and commodities.

Yours very truly                           W.M.P.


Miami, Fla. January, 1946

Gentlemen I take pleasure in stating that I have known W.D.Gann, John L. Gann and C.L. Gilson of W.D.Gann & Son, inc. for more than ten years and that they all are persons of integrity, high moral character and proven ability. John L. Gann was a captain in the late war and returned with citations of merit. None of these parties are related to me by blood or marriage. I have been receiving the W.D.Gann financial service for about eighteen years and it has been very valuable to me. I consider it the best service available. It was one of very few that warned in no uncertain terms against and ahoad of the market crash in 1929. As to my background, I am a substantial stockholder and director in: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., of Atlanta, Ga. Southern Discount Co. 220 Healy Bldg. Atlantia, Ga. Consolidated Distributors Inc., Atlantia, Ga. Macon, Ga., Jacksonville, Fla., and Tampa, Fla.

Very truly yours                    C.K.


Los Angeles, Cal. January, 1946

Dear Sirs I have transacted business with the firm W.D.Gann Inc., for approximately 24 years and it is indeed a pleasure to be able to deal with a firm for almost a quarter of a century with complete satisfaction. I consider each of its members, W.D.Gann, Mr. John L. Gann and Miss C.L.Gilson to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. My experience has been satisfactory to the extent that I am still a client of theirs and hope to continue so in the years to come. Yours very truly                     M.F.

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